Melissa Douglas    



"Responding to the mobiles of American artist Alexander Calder, Shifting by Melissa Douglas created a disembodied, weightless sense of freedom through upward melodic spirals anchored by piano."

                                                                                                                                Tony Way, The Age 2020



Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: Cybec Composers Showcase 2022


Premiere of Wave Variations, performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Richard Davis


29th of January 2022, 6.30pm 

Hamer Hall, Southbank VIC

Commissioned by the Cybec Foundation and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Wave Variations_MSO Cybec Showcase MIX 1
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"From the delicate beginnings of floating single notes, the music developed with a free rise and fall of sharply contoured patterns until an expressive chordal piano solo developed. We felt a virtual wind blow through the mobiles as the instruments took up wider tonal gyrations with more expansive colour and energy.” 

                           Julie McErlain

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